Membership empowers women in their careers by providing access to curated resources and events, as well as information and tools from Google, our partners, and the global tech ecosystem.

Early Career

You are beginning your career and looking to develop your experience and build your network. You’ve been working for 0-5 years in the industry.

  • Explore career paths in tech and hear from experts
  • Access exclusive opportunities for skill development
  • Learn best practices to help you position yourself for success in your field


Mid-level Career

You create value for your team or clients and are looking to develop your expertise and leadership. You have anywhere from 6-10 years worth of experience in your field.

  • Explore online references to increase your technical, creative, or business skills
  • Access to tools to help you grow the effectiveness and influence of your work
  • Collaborate with networks online and via in-person initiatives


Established Career

You are experienced in your field and are known in your industry; you are looking for ways to increase your influence and connect with other senior-level leaders. You have been working 11+ years in your focus area.

  • Expand your influence by accessing opportunities to increase and scale your leadership
  • Hear advice for success from other women tech leaders across the globe
  • Access programs and tools to strengthen and optimize your products and organization


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